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Lots within our price database by Ernest Rathenau

Overall, 4 lots by Ernest Rathenau are in our price database - 2 with result prices. Most often, 1 times, a lot by the artist Ernest Rathenau was sold in an auction house in Germany. Most lots, 1 pieces, came up for auction at Hartung & Hartung KG.

The lots with the highest resulting prices by Ernest Rathenau in our price database:

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Lot number 43
KOKOSCHKA -- Ernest RATHENAU (editor). Kokoschka Drawings, with an...

KOKOSCHKA -- Ernest RATHENAU (editor). Kokoschka Drawings, with an introduction by Paul Westheim...

Christie's, 10 Feb 1995
£150 - £200
ca. US$235 - US$314
Price realised:
ca. US$242
Lot number 2226
2226 Rathenau, Ernest.

2226 Hofer. - Rathenau, Ernest. Karl Hofer. Das graphische Werk. Einltg. von Kurt Martin. New York...

Hartung & Hartung KG, 10 May 2005 - 12 May 2005
ca. US$126
Price realised:
ca. US$101
Lot number 95
Rathenau, Ernest "Kinder vieler Länder"

zahlr. Abb., Vlg. Fretz & Wasmuth, Zürich, 1956, LnE, g.Zst...

Allgäuer Auktionshaus, 10 Jan 2019
ca. US$5
Price realised:
n. a.
Lot number 052 725
'Drei Frauen beim Bade', aus 'Zenana', 1923

30,7 x 27,5 cm (Darstellungsgröße). Herausgeg. vom Verlag Piper & Co., München 1924 für die...

Quittenbaum Kunstauktionen, 11 Apr 2005
€800 - €1,000
ca. US$1,035 - US$1,293
Price realised:
n. a.
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