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Analysis of Paul Gauguin

How much does an artwork form Paul Gauguin cost?

Average price and sold lots

The most expensive piece of art by Paul Gauguin in our art price database was sold at 7 Nov 2007 by the auction house Sotheby's for US$39,241,000. The price distribution shows that most of the artworks are sold between US$1,000 and US$5,000.

Sold lots clustered by price (absolute)

Sold lots clustered by price (relative)

Where are most artworks from Paul Gauguin sold?

0 works by Paul Gauguin are at auction. Within our Archive you will find 1562 works, 961 of them with realised prices.

Most artworks from Paul Gauguin in our archive – 367 lots – were sold in United States. At the moment the most objects (1) are offered in auctions in France.

How can I value an artwork from Paul Gauguin?

Please keep in mind, that our algorithm uses all works and objects of Paul Gauguin in our price analysis. This is due the fact, that many collectors are not only interested in f.e. paintings but also in other objects of the artist. The price distribution indicates the value of a typical artwork. You can use our Archive Search to find the realized price for a similar artwork of Paul Gauguin. The best indication for the value of an artwork are similar artworks that were sold in the near past.

When to buy an object / art of Paul Gauguin?

If you want to stay informed about new works by Paul Gauguin coming up at auction, you can create an alert for free.

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