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Lots within our price database by Pierre Vivant

Overall, 3 lots by Pierre Vivant are in our price database - 3 with result prices. Most often, 3 times, a lot by the artist Pierre Vivant was sold in an auction house in France. Most lots, 2 pieces, came up for auction at SAS Cornette de Saint Cyr.

The lots with the highest resulting prices by Pierre Vivant in our price database:

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3 bouteilles ROMANEE-SAINT-VIVANT, Pierre…

3 bouteilles ROMANEE-SAINT-VIVANT, Pierre Laforest 1999 (es & et...

Price: €180 - €210
ca. US$211 - US$247

Price realised: €260
ca. US$306

Date: 7 Dec 2017

2 bouteilles ROMANEE-SAINT-VIVANT, Pierre…

2 bouteilles ROMANEE-SAINT-VIVANT, Pierre Laforest 2001 (els & 1 et...

Price: €120 - €140
ca. US$141 - US$164

Price realised: €198
ca. US$233

Date: 7 Dec 2017

Bouton de livrée aux armes d’alliance, XIXe siècle, Pierre-Vivant Louis de Vernot de Jeux (1842-1911) marié le 4/08/1869 à Blanche Marie Lucienne Jarret de la Mairie (1849-1875). Métal doré...

Price: €10 - €20
ca. US$11 - US$22

Price realised: €32
ca. US$35

Date: 7 Oct 2016