Africana, ethnic art, tribal art

A very early and important female Senufo figure, possibly northern Senufo...

19th century, wood, 52 cm high. This is a great example of a Senufo female ancestral figure. Although the Poro society is a male institution, the most important ancestor invoked is a woman. The head of the Poro chapter refers to the founding by matrilineage. the Senufo artists often rendered the female sculptures taller than their male companions, emphasizing the importance of women as matrices of...

Price: €18,000 - €20,000
ca. US$19,953 - US$22,170

Date: 18 Feb 2020

A large and important Dogon Hermaphrodite Figure.

Niongom style, Mali, wood, 73 cm high,16th to 19th century. The dynamic figure with bent, open worked legs, stylised phallus and turned, curved, elongated body with breasts shows an abstract head with beard. A rich, weathered, reddish brown patina with partial encrustation. (VJ) Provenance: Viennese privat collection...

Price: €6,000 - €7,000
ca. US$6,651 - US$7,759

Date: 18 Feb 2020

The Horstmann Bena Lulua figure, Congo.

Around 1900. Warm restored patina, restored tip of the coiffe, wood, 11 cm high. As a dynamic sculptural masterpiece, this Bena Lulua figure ist one of the earliest published and exhibited. With the extensive publication and the early exhibiton history, including the first mayor exhibition on Congo art by Frans Olbrechts in 1937, this Bena Lulua combines all the elements of the mastery of the Bena...

Price: €35,000 - €40,000
ca. US$38,799 - US$44,341

Date: 18 Feb 2020

An archaic (Yoruba) maternity figure with iron implement.

Sometimes important Yoruba sculptures are incorporated in Fon shrines. The Hevioso iron in the head is a fon implement even though the figure seems classic Yoruba. Wood, 49 cm high (VJ) Provenance: Former collection Dr. Barthels, Maastricht. Published: 'Geest & Kracht, Vodun from West Africa', 1996, Afrika Museum Berg en Dal no. 102, page 101...

Price: €8,000 - €9,000
ca. US$8,868 - US$9,976

Date: 18 Feb 2020

An early pair of Baule asie usu (meaning 'genius of the bush') figures...

Ivory Coast, 19th century, wood, 39 cm and 41 cm high. The elaborate hair, the fine scarifications and the eyes, accentuated with white kaolin, reflect the practice of diviners who apply kaolin to their own eyes to enable them to see and hear the spirits while in trance. (VJ) Provenance: German private collection, Austrian private collection...

Price: €6,000 - €8,000
ca. US$6,651 - US$8,868

Date: 18 Feb 2020

An important and early Senufo pounder, Ndeble.

These 'rhythm pounders' were performed to promote fertility by the males of the Poro secret society. The initiated would hold the figures by their arms and pound their heavy bases on the ground in unison to invoke fertility. Cote d'Ivoire, 130 cm high, wood (VJ) Provenance: Julius carlebach, New York; The May Co., Celveland, OH, 1964; Private collector, New York, Bonham's, May 12th 2012, lot 284...

Price: €14,000 - €18,000
ca. US$15,519 - US$19,953

Date: 18 Feb 2020

Dan mask.

Liberia, wood, around 1900, 22 cm high (VJ) Provenance: Carlo Monzino collection...

Price: €3,500 - €4,500
ca. US$3,879 - US$4,988

Date: 18 Feb 2020

An unsusual Luba Shankadi figure, Congo.

With zigzag patterns, around 1900, wood, 30 cm high (VJ) Provenance: Collection Udo Horstmann, Switzerland. Published and exhibited: 'Masters of African Art', Museo d'arte Mendrisio; Forms and styles, Ezio Bassani 2007;'5000 Jahre Afrika-Ägypten-Afrika: Sammlung W. und U. Horstmann und Staatliche Museen zu Berlin', 2008...

Price: €14,000 - €16,000
ca. US$15,519 - US$17,736

Date: 18 Feb 2020

A Vagala or Tampulma dance mask.

Like the Gurunsi, these animal masks represent bush spirits. The mask's role is important during ceremonies at the end of the initiations and funerals. Ghana, 115 cm high, wood (VJ) Provenance: H. Koller, St. Gallen; Zemanek 25/02/2006, lot 90. Reference: Thomas Wheelock, Land of the Flying Mask, no. 97...

Price: €1,600 - €2,000
ca. US$1,773 - US$2,217

Date: 18 Feb 2020

A great stylised zoomorphic Igbo mask.

Nigeria, early 20th century, wood, 27 cm high(VJ) Provenance: Collected in the mid 60s by the father of Mr Günther Ottilie (Germany) in Port Harcourt; Austrian private collection...

Price: €2,600 - €2,800
ca. US$2,882 - US$3,103

Date: 18 Feb 2020