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Gold 585, 11,8 g øG12...

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Date: 22 Jul 2019

Sammlung Banknoten Notgeldscheine / A collection of paper money

Reichsbanknoten: 18 Scheine, von 50 Mak 1918 bis 1 Milliarde Mark 1923, Badische Bank Mannheim: 5 Scheine, Stadt Mannheim: 1 Schein, Rumänien: 6 Scheine, Zustand: unterschiedliche Erhaltungsgrade Vorgebot abgeben...

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Date: 20 Jul 2019

A small mixed lot to include a small book on The Works of Aristotle containing his complete masterpiece and a family physician, his experienced midwife, his book of problems and his remarks on Physiognomy, complete edition with engravings, printed and published by Mathieson & Co London, along with a small group of British coins, a Chinese one-yuan banknote, a French banknote, a boxed souvenir...

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Date: 17 Jul 2019

Wolfgang Hutter *

(Wien 1928-2014) Sechs Radierungen: Zyklus Schönes Geld, jeweils signiert und datiert unten rechts: Hutter (19)85 (2Blätter) und (19)86 (4 Blätter), Radierungen auf Velin in zwei verschiedenen Blattgrößen, Plattengröße jeweils ca. 17,7 x 17,7 cm, Blattgrößen ca. 37 x 31,5 cm (2 Blätter) und ca. 40,5 x 35 cm (4 Blätter), teilweise etwas fleckig, gebräunte Kanten...

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Date: 30 Jul 2019

Konvolut Notgeld. Deutsch 20. Jh. o.L...

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Date: 20 Jul 2019

1899 1c Dark Green Coat of Arms in a bottom imprint marginal block of 10 with American Banknote Imprint along the bottom, hinged on three stamps and unmounted but speckled on others, scarce multiple, Scott 80. Cat $50+...

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ca. US$49

Date: 16 Jul 2019

1930 National Philatelic Exhibition BOSTON 4 different complete sheets of 12 mint in blue, red, green and purple printed by American Banknote Co. with Ship Abrella & State House design, interesting and attractive on four written up pages. Ex Eric Stannard. (48 labels...

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Date: 16 Jul 2019

COLLECTION OF VARIOUS INTERNATIONAL TWENTIETH CENTURY BANKNOTES, including a Reichsbanknote dated 1922, and a Polish example dated 1919 (14) Bidders must assume that diamonds and coloured gem stones (including ruby, emerald, sapphire, peridot, aquamarine) may have undergone a form of treatment unless otherwise stated. It should not be assumed that any diamond or coloured gem is untreated or is...

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Date: 18 Jul 2019

Over 60 world banknotes in one album...

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Date: 20 Jul 2019

A collection of British coinage together with same banknotes, includes twenty 2 pound coins from 1997 onwards...

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Date: 20 Jul 2019