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A PAIR OF DUTCH TABLE GLOBES GERARD AND LEONARD VALK, CIRCA 1750 Each 12-inch globe comprised of twelve hand-coloured engraved gores and two polar calottes, the terrestrial with cartouche Cosmotheore Caelesti nostro Globo, Par, et plané Novús, Hic Terrestris Út existeret; Certo scias: Errore Veterum Sublato; Non tantum Utriusque Orbis Longitudines et Latitudines, Per reiteratas Neotericorum Observationes Hiccè esse restitutas; Sed et nullum typis Emendatiorem prodiisse, Hôc igitur Novißimô tam diu fruere, Donec, sub Majoriforma, Meô aere Alios excudam Ger et Leon Valk Calcographi: Amstelaedami, A° 1750 Cum Privilegio , some nation states coloured green, some cities marked with gilt dot, no Antarctic land, parts of New Zealand coastline marked, Papua New Guinea has no eastern coastline and is connected via the western coastline to Australia; Australia lacks an eastern coastline and part of the southern coastline and shows various dates of discovery between 1616 and 1628; Tasmania, labelled Anthoni [van] Diemens [Landt] is shown as a stretch of southern coastline, the northern Pacific shows an unconfirmed landmass between America and Asia labelled TERRA INCOGNITA Sive TERRA ESONIS; Canada shows little detail and lacks a northern coastline; California is shown as an island; the area of North America labelled NOVA MEXICO shows the territories of Apaches de Navajo, Apaches de Xila and Apaches de Vaquezos; China shows the Great Wall. The celestial gores laid to the ecliptic poles, with cartouche URANOGRAPHIA Caelum omne hic Complectens Illa ori ut aucta, et ad annum 1750 Completum MAGNO ab HEVELIO correcta est; ita, ejus ex Prototypis, sua noviter haec Ectypa veris Astronomiae cultoribus exhibet et consecrant GER. et LEON. VALK; Amstelaedamenses Cum Priviligio , the gilt stars to six orders of magnitude and nebulae, the constellations depicted by hand-coloured mythical beasts and figures, labelled in Latin; each in graduated brass meridian rings, with hour rings to north pole, the celestial stamped 9 and the terrestrial 10, the engraved paper horizon rings carrying calendrical information, supported on restored contemporary stands made of four baluster turned and ebonised columns united by cross-stretchers under the turned base. Van der Krogt VAL II, states 4 & 4. 19 x 17 x 17in. (49 x 43 x 43cm.)

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Auction house: Christie's
Title: Important Books, Atlases, Globes & Scientific Instruments from the Collection of Nico and Nanni Israel
Date of the auction: 11 Dec 2019
Address: Christie's