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Auction: Auction 07.06.2000
was auctioned on: 7 June 2000
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Estimate: £2,000 - £3,000
ca. US$3,016 - US$4,525
Price realised:  £4,700
ca. US$7,089
Lot number 108, Views: 48

A SHINGEN TSUBA ,TWO GOOD NANBAN TSUBA AND FOUR OTHERS Momoyama/Edo period (16th/19th century) A typical Shingen tsuba , wrapped over the heavy iron plate with patterns formed with copper and brass wire, 8.5cm.; a circular iron tsuba carved with kiku flowers and leaves scattered on a pierced key-fret ground, signed Choshu Hagi no ju Tomokiyo saku , 8.1cm.; an iron tsuba pierced with a floral motif at the centre, the reserve of which forms four lobes, each of which is pierced with a ho-o , signed Shoami Morikuni , 7.9cm.; an unusual iron mokko -shaped iron nanban tsuba with 'boar's eye' piercings at the corners, decorated with three kirin , two on the face and one on the reverse, inlaid in sentoku and silver and with silver and gold nunome-zogan , the seppa-dai decorated with a key-fret design in silver nunome- zogan , 8.5cm.; an iron tsuba decorated in relief in iron, silver, shakudo, shibuichi , copper and two colours of gold with seven people rushing to take shelter, as Raiden, the thunder god, unleashes lightning, signed Tetsugendo Shoraku , with a gold inlaid kao , 7.4cm.; a mokko -shaped iron tsuba with two udenuki-ana , carved in shishiai-bori with two foxes, signed, 9.1cm.; and a good circular iron Nanban tsuba decorated on the face with a border of bonji characters and pierced with another, within the border are two dragons amid karakusa , the reverse with two dragons in the border and takaramono amongst karakusa , 7.55cm. (7)

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Christie's
Title: Auction 07.06.2000
Date of the auction: 7 Jun 2000
Address: Christie's
London, King Street