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Auction: Asian Decorative Arts
was auctioned on: 15 November 2011
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An assembled 'Rose Medallion' enameled and gilt porcelain partial dinner service

Estimate: US$0
Price realised:  US$1,187
Lot number 3456, Views: 30

Late Qing/Republic period Painted with birds and flowers in reserves alternating with figure scenes and including 13 teacups [2 3/4 to 4 1/4in (7 to 10.8cm) diameter]; 5 squared teacups [3 1/8in (8cm) diameter]; 13 scallop rimmed teacups [3 1/8 to 4 and 3/8in (7.9 to 11.1cm) diameter]; 27 scalloped edge teacup saucers [5 3/8in (13.8cm) diameter]; 30 round saucers [4 3/8 to 6 1/4in (11.1 to 5.9cm) diameter]; 6 octagonal bread and butter plates [5 1/2in (14cm) across]; 8 octagonal salad plates [7 5/8 (19.4cm) across]; 10 deep plates [9 1/4in (23.5cm) diameter]; 27 dinner plates [8 3/8 to 9 3/4in (21.3 to 24.7cm) diameter]; two four-sided covered serving dishes [9 1/2in (24.1cm) long]; one lozenge shaped covered serving dish [8 7/8in (22.5cm) long]; one rectangular covered serving dish with reticulated insert [5 5/8in (14.3cm) long]; one rectangular serving dish, lacking cover [5 3/8in (13.8cm) long]; one squared serving platter [9in (22.8cm) long]; one rectangular serving platter [8 5/8in (21.9cm) long]; 5 oval meat platters [13 to 18in (33 to 45.7cm) long]; two soup bowls [4 3/4 and 6 1/4in (12 and 15.8cm) long]; one serving bowl [9 3/8in (23.8cm) diameter]; one four-lobed serving bowl [9 1/2in (24.2cm) diameter]; one six-lobed serving bowl [10in (25.4cm) diameter]; one sugar bowl, lacking cover [4 1/8in (10.5cm) diameter]; two reticulated oval serving platters [9 and 11 1/2in (22.8 and 29.2cm) long]; one reticulated oval serving bowl [8 1/2in (21.6cm) long]; one covered teapot [8 3/4in (22.2cm) high]; together with a set of plates decorated with bird and flower motifs in Canton rose enamels, including 7 bread and butter plates [6in (15.2cm) diameter]; 8 salad plates, four decorated with attributes of the 'Eight Immortals' [7 1/8in (18.1cm) diameter]; three dinner plates [9 7/8in (25cm) diameter]; one circular serving platter [12in (30.4cm) diameter]; one small square dish decorated with shou medallions [4 1/2in (11.4cm) long]; one rouleau vase with reserves of birds and flowers in the 'Rose Medallion' motif with fu-lion handles below the everted, scalloped rim [12 1/4in (31.1cm) high]; one baluster vase with the sides decorated with the eight immortals in a landscape in famille rose enamels, now mounted as a lamp [10in (25.4cm) height of vase]; two jardinières of different sizes with 'Rose Medallion' motif and alternating reserves of figures and birds and flowers [3 3/8 and 7 7/8in high (8.5 and 20cm) high]; and one toiletry set decorated in 'Rose Medallion' motif with alternating reserve panels of figures and bird and flowers, including one rectangular covered box with a center divider [7 1/8in (18.1cm) long]; one wash basin [16in (40.6cm) diameter]; and one covered vase for water [15in (38.1cm) high] (all with chips, repairs, losses). [188]

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Bonhams London
Title: Asian Decorative Arts
Date of the auction: 15 Nov 2011
Address: Bonhams London
San Francisco 220 San Bruno Avenue San Francisco CA 94103 Tel: +1 415 861 7500 Fax : +1 415 861 8951 [email protected]