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Auction: Contemporary Art Part I
was auctioned on: 28 February 2008
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Anselm Reyle

Estimate: £150,000 - £250,000
ca. US$294,592 - US$490,987
Price realised:  £168,500
ca. US$330,925
Lot number 103, Views: 32

Anselm Reyle Untitled 2004 Aluminium foil and oil on canvas in Plexiglas box. 234 x 199 cm. (92 1/8 x 78 3/8 in).
Provenance Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Berlin Exhibited Neuer Aachener Kunstverein, Anselm Reyle, 7 March – 2 May, 2004; Berlin, Galerie Giti Nourbakhsch, Anselm Reyle, 7 May – 18 June, 2005 Catalogue Essay Silver foil, neon colours, mirrors, a chrome finish, neon tubes – Anselm Reyle’s works entangle the viewer in their surface and immerse him in an ambience of colour and light. For which Reyle produces stripe paintings, which quote the TV test picture as much as American Expressionism. He playfully skips through the art-historical pictorial versions of the monochrome that of the drip-and-pour paintings formulated by chance, as much as Pop fusions of high and lowbrow and the diverse typologies of sculpture. And naturally he does this in every format: handy dimensions for domestic consumption all the way to the oversized for the art or public context. All of which, in addition, is ‘fabricated’ in the seemingly dated context of an artist’s studio peopled by assistants. A practice that recalls the workshops of an historical type of artist, the serialism of Minimal Art, as well as the self-important airs of painting in the 1980s and the industrialised art production of the 1990s. In view of the works by Anselm Reyle and all his epoch-contradicting insignias we can hardly resist the disagreeable fascination that occurs because the discrediting of abstract art has so taken hold of our perception as much as has a general exhaustion with postmodern quotations which, exactly because of an intensified ambivalence, can now become productive for a present-day concept. Kunsthalle Zurich Review, Anselm Reyle «Ars Novo», January, 2006 Read More

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Phillips
Title: Contemporary Art Part I
Date of the auction: 28 Feb 2008
Address: Phillips
28 Feb 2008, 7pm London