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Auction: The Space Sale
was auctioned on: 16 July 2009
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Estimate: US$0
Price realised:  US$3,050
Lot number 116, Views: 23

Apollo Operations Handbook, Lunar Module (LM8 and 9), Volume II, Operational Procedures. Bethpage, NY: Grumman, June 11, 1970. Upwards of 800 pp. Diagrams, LM control panels on folding sheet. 10½ by 8 inches. Loose-leaf, punched. The training handbook for astronauts, describing the step-by-step procedures for flying and operating the Apollo Lunar Module. Signed by Buzz Aldrin, Alan Bean, Richard Gordon, Fred Haise, Rusty Schweickart, Tom Stafford, and Al Worden on front cover, all with their LM and mission numbers. This handbook was tailored for LMs 8 and 9, but the basics are valid for all LMs. Covers systems activation, reference data, control modes, general operations of the guidance systems, procedures for lunar surface navigation, rendezvous, ascent and descent engine burns, reaction control system burns, and contingency procedures.

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Bonhams London
Title: The Space Sale
Date of the auction: 16 Jul 2009
Address: Bonhams London
New York 580 Madison Avenue New York NY 10022 Tel: +1 212 644 9001 Fax : +1 212 644 9009 [email protected]