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Auction: Auction 21.11.2005
was auctioned on: 21 November 2005
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Bob Dylan

Estimate: US$60,000 - US$80,000
Price realised:  US$78,000
Lot number 21, Views: 70

Bob Dylan Poems Without Titles A rare, early collection of poems written by Bob Dylan whilst at the University Of Minnesota, 1960 , the 16 pages of poems hand-written in pencil, some showing portions of the text which have been erased and written over, with title page inscribed in blue ink POEMS WITHOUT TITLES , the majority signed Dylan or Dylanism , many of the poems showing Dylan's witty and sometimes coarse sense of humour, some being abstract compositions and some referring to aspects of his life in Minnesota, including references to Dylan's desire to quit smoking, friendships and relationships with various women and references to influences on his music, excerpts include: -- I have to quit smoking But I can't quit smoking I love to smoke Almost as much As I love to love; -- I search the depths of my soul for an answer But there is no answer Because there is no question And there is no time; -- I thought I saw Humphrey pissing Into a hot bowl of tomatoe [sic] soup And as he pissed I watched And as I watched I waited And as I waited I saw ALL society...He pissed beer; he pissed rum He pissed whisky; he pissed wine The deep rich, red wine That he drank only the night before ... Then he pissed in his car - And I felt like an Idiot child trying to read James Joyce in the dark Then from a deep dark commitment He pissed for forty days and forty nights - And a great war was declared And all society starved to death And then as suddenly as he started pissing He stopped pissing And said "Good Shabos"; -- Within this world Of tormented rush Of bastard daughters Of Mother's sons Of Mr Society And of dirty little mouths And of King Clocks And of green pieces of eight That can buy Anything in sight Comes The Ethnic Odetta; -- I thought she Was Hip When we sat and Drank coffee And I flipped when she recited All of Prufrock By heart And when she Clued me in On all the squares Down in Lexington ... I puked Down her sweater And Ordered Some more Coffee; -- A dark haired Einstein Sits And Strums And We all Sing Bald Moutain [sic] Seeking Expression; -- Once there was Judy And she said Hi to me When no one else Could take the Time...But she broke me Up When she didn't Write back and I died for a year - Seela And then there was Ione Who wore a Ring on her Left mind went Insane Every time I saw her - Seela Then there was Carol Who had tits Like headlights On a fire engine And a face like Helen ... she'd rape my feelings ... Then there was Barbara Her parents liked me And I liked them But I loved Barbara more...Then came another Judy She had a long Pony Tail And wanted Some day To be an Actress ... Now there's Judy again And my Circe starts Over ... I don't fit in anymore I'm Lost And my trouble is I know it; -- I heard this "Let's All Sing Joshua now And we'll really have A grand time And after Joshua We'll do Another one That everyone Knows" And I cut out; -- The motorcycle leans The motorcycle swerves The motorcycle drags The motorcycle doesn't Give a damn Who gets his nuts Stomped on The motorcycle doesn't Give a Damn About old Granny in the middle Of Hennipen Avenue Or of little baby In his play pen The motorcycle just don't Give a damn About anything , 17pp.

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Christie's
Title: Auction 21.11.2005
Date of the auction: 21 Nov 2005
Address: Christie's
New York, Rockefeller Center