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Daguerreotype, Ambrotype, and Tintype Portraits of Couples and Family Groups

Estimate: US$300 - US$500
Price realised:  US$406
Lot number 95, Views: 13

Lot of 14, including one half plate ambrotype, 2 quarter plate ambrotypes, 7 sixth plate daguerreotypes, 2 sixth plate ambrotypes, and 2 sixth plate tintypes. Highlights include an endearing sixth plate daguerreotype portrait of a young boy seated in a miniature chair with what appears to be a cased image on his lap and a book on the small table next to him. Housed together with a sixth plate daguerreotype portrait of a gentleman in a geometric union case [Berg 3-103]; a sixth plate ambrotype of a girl wearing curled hair and an off-the-shoulder dress posed with her hands touching the head and shoulder of the young woman seated next to her. Housed in a half pressed paper case without mat, glass, or preserver; a blurred sixth plate daguerreotype portrait of a mother, presented in profile as she smiles at her young son, who is seated on her lap. Housed in a full pressed paper case; a half plate ambrotype portrait of a young family including mother, father, and daughter. Housed in a Rare geometric union case [3-4]; and a beautiful quarter plate ambrotype portrait of a possibly mixed race mother and daughter. Housed in a union case, Cupid and the Stag [1-28] (alignment issues, non-functioning closure clasp). 7 images housed in union cases (two pairs in same case, 5 cases total), 2 images housed in full pressed paper cases, 5 images housed in half pressed paper cases. Condition: Images and cases with varying condition issues and degrees of wear. Sixth plate daguerreotype of young boy with heavier tarnish, spotting, and clouding throughout. Sixth plate ambrotype of two sisters with heavy wear to edges and damaged case with no glass, mat, or preserver. Half plate ambrotype of young family with heavy spotting to mat. Other images with issues including heavier tarnish, spotting to mat, or clouding/discoloration, and flaking/loss to emulsion. Cases with general wear including soiling, chipping, nicking, loss to finish, alignment issues, non-functioning closure clasps, and separation, with repair, to spine. One pressed paper case, housing damaged sixth plate daguerreotype of a couple, has bottom edge missing entirely.

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Cowan's Auctions, Inc.
Title: American Historical Ephemera and Photography: Timed Auction - ends 9/14
Date of the auction: 4 Sep 2020
Address: Cowan's Auctions, Inc.
Este Ave 6270
OH 45232 Cincinnati
United States
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