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Auction: Auction 13.06.2000
was auctioned on: 13 June 2000
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Estimate: US$1,500 - US$2,000
Price realised:  US$2,585
Lot number 593, Views: 32

EIGHT NEAR EASTERN CYLINDER SEALS circa 13th-6th century b.c. Including a Middle Assyrian green chalcedony seal engraved with a rearing goat and ibex, the ibex looking back over its shoulder; a Neo-Assyrian banded agate seal with a hero holding two goats by their fore-legs; a Middle Elamite banded agate seal with three registers of goats, the terminal with an inscription, with two inverted animals above, perhaps later in date; a Neo-Babylonian yellow jasper seal with an archer aiming at a winged griffin; a Middle Assyrian carnelian seal (damaged) with two rearing goats before a sacred tree, a pendant loop above; a Neo-Babylonian brown chalcedony seal with a worshipper standing before a deity, a dog seated behind; and a Neo-Assyrian white faience seal with an archer aiming at a winged bearded sphinx 1¼ in. (3.2 cm) high for the largest (8)

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Christie's
Title: Auction 13.06.2000
Date of the auction: 13 Jun 2000
Address: Christie's
New York, Rockefeller Center