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FLOWN ON GEMINI 5 – United States flag, 1965.

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FLOWN ON GEMINI 5 – United States flag, 1965. Gordon Cooper's flown U.S. flag, displayed with his letter describing important flight events on Gemini 5. INSCRIBED by Gordon COOPER noting his Gemini 5 launch date "8/21/65," the launch site at Cape Canveral with an arrow, and the final splashdown area "X" and date "8/29/65." His provenance letter recounts the flight in great detail: "This large United States flag was carried into earth orbit. My second space mission was called Gemini 5, also known as Gemini-Titan (GT) 5. The Titan name refers to the booster rocket that launched me and follow astronaut Charles “Pete” Conrad, Jr. into earth orbit on August 21, 1965. Some of our mission objectives were to demonstrate and evaluate the Gemini spacecraft during an orbital flight lasting up to eight days. A flight this long would approximate the length of time a trip to the moon and back would last. Our flight would allow medical experts to evaluate the effects of weightlessness on the human body for that period of time. Pete and I made it through all eight days with no harm what so ever. Another flight objective was to evaluate orbital rendezvous and guidance techniques using a detachable radar 'pod.' The pod separated from our spacecraft about two hours after launch and gave us good data. Low pressure in our fuel cell’s oxygen tank caused us to conserve electrical power and terminate the planned rendezvous activities with the pod. The pressure finally stabilized at a lower desirable level but the fuel cell still provided electrical power. We were slowly able to complete more of the planned tasks as the flight progressed. We fired our retro-rockets on orbit 120 over the Hawaiian Islands and began our re-entry into earth’s atmosphere. We landed about 100 miles from our prime recovery ship the USS Lake Champlain on August 29, 1965. Pete and I did carry a few personal items such as flags, medallions, and crew patches. I am particularly fond for our crew patch which featured a covered wagon which reflected the pioneering spirit of this early Gemini flight. Our successful completion of Gemini 5 marked the beginning of the United States lead in manned space exploration.” Silk flag, 4 by 6 inches. Mounted on a color Gemini Earth orbit map showing locations and circular range limits of tracking stations worldwide. All archivally matted to 22 by 24 inches.

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Title: One Giant Leap: Celebrating Space Exploration 50 Years after Apollo 11
Date of the auction: 18 Jul 2019
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