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Auction: The Space History Sale
was auctioned on: 13 April 2010
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Price realised:  US$7,930
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Model of the Grumman Apollo Lunar Module made from injection-molded plastic, 7 inches tall on a 10½ inch diameter acrylic base. The Ascent Stage is detachable from the Descent Stage as it is in the flight configuration. The complete vehicle is removable from the base which reads: "Lunar Module" and has NASA and Grumman logos. The Lunar Module (LM) made two earth orbital missions, one being manned, and eight manned lunar missions, of which six LMs successfully landed on the surface. WITH GORDON COOPER'S signed provenance note, reading in part: "This is a great little model of the Lunar Module made for the folks at Grumman. It reminds me of my trips to their Bethpage, NY facility during my Apollo days. I was selected by NASA as one of the seven Mercury Astronauts in 1959. I then got the assignment for the Mercury Atlas 9 mission and named my spacecraft 'Faith 7'. I made 22 orbits during that mission in May 1963. That was the longest and best of the Mercury earth orbital missions. We had really come a long way from those early days in 1959. My next flight assignment was Gemini 5 with Charles 'Pete' Conrad. We made an eight day earth orbital mission in August 1965. That was a world record at that time and Gemini 5 was the turning point where the United States took the lead from the Soviet Union in manned spaceflight accomplishments. Those eight days approximated the length time a lunar landing mission was scheduled to take. Later, I worked as back-up commander of Gemini 12, then moved to Apollo Program activities. I had trained extensively as the back-up commander for the Apollo 10 mission both at the Houston LM mission simulator and at Grumman in New York with the actual Apollo 10 Lunar Module which was later nick-named 'Snoopy'. The model really reminds me of the many hours working those training tasks. I had hoped to fly my own LM and land on the moon during the next crew rotation scheduled to be Apollo 13. However the dynamics of certain personalities in the astronaut office and other 'issues' never allowed my moon landing flight to happen."

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Bonhams London
Title: The Space History Sale
Date of the auction: 13 Apr 2010
Address: Bonhams London
New York 580 Madison Avenue New York NY 10022 Tel: +1 212 644 9001 Fax : +1 212 644 9009 [email protected]