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Auction: Auction 08.05.2003
was auctioned on: 8 May 2003
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Lesney Model of Yesteryear pre-production prototypes and presentation model

Estimate: £1,000 - £1,500
ca. US$1,623 - US$2,435
Price realised:  £822
ca. US$1,334
Lot number 538, Views: 47

Lesney Model of Yesteryear pre-production prototypes and presentation model No. 32 A handmade model of a three-wheeler Man and Woman seated , with red body, black roof and grille, existing YY white seat, red spoked wheels and moulded white tyres from existing moulds Provenance : All first models are handmade and decorated and offered to the new products committe meeting, i.e. Jack O'Dell and Les Smith, for a new product into the Yesteryear range. As many of the models made, the above was not approved for production No. 33 Cord , made from all white metal parts, base sprayed black, body, front mudguards and bonnet white, interior, exhaust, windscreen and bumper silver and roof black, in display box Provenance : From approval of first handmade models, it was taking 18 months to get products into production due to components being drawn first, then tooling drawings and trial runs Matchbox had to have to prove all the moulds and assembly. If there are any problems from the moulds, they would have to go into our progression tooling department to troubleshoot the problems. These delays fed onto carbon manufacture and art work for packaging. Jack O'Dell and Les Smith wanted the lead-time cut. The Research and Development came back to the new products committee meeting and offered a solution as follows : Mr. O'Dowd suggested, instead of making a look-alike model, which they always did, they should made a model exact in shape, size and appearance. This model would have all the mouldability, spraying and assembly built in and this will bring the lead time back to less than a year. He had a precise model made of the Cord of all the parts. After proving them, he had a casting mould made and had five white metal castings of all parts. He then gave a complete set of each to the component drawings office, the tooling drawing office, spraying department, assembly department and tool room. The only one left is the one above, which is the exact copy of the production Cord. and a Presentation Serial Issue Stephenson's 'Rocket' Locomotive and Tender' in display box and wooden base, with plaque 'Matchbox Pat O'Dowd From all your friends in R & D November 1987' (3)

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Christie's
Title: Auction 08.05.2003
Date of the auction: 8 May 2003
Address: Christie's
London, South Kensington