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Auction: Auction 33 - Books, Manuscripts and Rabbinical
was auctioned on: 28 August 2013
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Letter and Divrei Torah, by Rabbi Moshe Razin to the Chazon Ish

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Letter by Rabbi Moshe Razin to his friend, the Chazon Ish, with leaves containing Divrei Torah. New York, 1935. Lengthy letter in handwriting of Rabbi Moshe Razin. At beginning of letter he notes that he is attaching Divrei Torah to his letter, and afterwards he deals with “spirituality within materialism”. As well, he thanks the Chazon Ish for “advising me to immigrate to the Holy Land”. At margins of letter, brief blessing by son of Rabbi Moshe, Rabbi Chaim Razin. Attached are three leaves [written on one side] in handwriting of Rabbi Moshe Razin, containing Divrei Torah regarding desecration of coin of Ma’aser Sheni [second tithe], with discussion “concerning that which I have written in my book Nezer HaKodesh on Menachot”, apparently as response to comment which the Chason Ish wrote to him regarding this matter. Rabbi Moshe Razin (Ruzin; 1871-1958), among exalted geniuses of Lithuania and leading Torah giant of the United States. At age of approximately twenty two was appointed as Av Beit Din of Kedainiai (Latvia). In 1928 emigrated to the United States and served as president of association of rabbis in North America. Was famous for his many compositions; most popular was series of books Nezer HaKodesh on the Shas. During period of service as rabbi of Kedainiai, the Chazon Ish resided in same area. The two formed a close bond and studied together. The first book of Rabbi Moshe, Divrei Sofrim, was published with the assistance of the Chazon Ish who contributed to this matter from funds of his dowry. In his book Rabbi Moshe presents Divrei Torah on behalf of the Chazon Ish [anonymously as requested by the Chazon Ish]. In his book Nezer HaKodesh on tractate Zevachim he incorporates comments written by the Chazon Ish. Even after their paths separated, they maintained a unique bond, and in their correspondence letters they shared Divrei Torah, as in this letter. [1] leaf – letter + [3] leaves. 27 cm. Good-fair condition. Stains, folding marks and several stains.

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Kedem Auction House Ltd.
Title: Auction 33 - Books, Manuscripts and Rabbinical
Date of the auction: 28 Aug 2013
Address: Kedem Auction House Ltd.
King George st. 58
9242209 Jerusalem
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