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LUNAR PHOTOGRPAHY – 13 large photographs, 1970s.

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LUNAR PHOTOGRPAHY – 13 large photographs, 1970s. Ten vintage 11 by 14 inch and three 20 by 24 inch black and white photographs created in the early 1970s for mission and geological research. These images were taken during EVAs or from lunar orbit by astronauts on Apollo missions 12, 15, 16 and 17, showing various lunar landscapes. “This Paper Manufactured by Kodak” stamps on versos. Further details on the contents of this lot: A) Apollo 15 set of four large 11 by 14 inch black and white photographs. 1 - Hasselblad frame A15-85-11440, at the Station 2 stop on the first lunar EVA. Commander Dave Scott is seen on the right holding his rock grabbing lunar tongs. The photographic calibration device known as the “gnomon” is in center frame to the right of the boulder. The device assisted determination of the size of nearby objects with its shadow providing a sun angle measurement. 2 - Hasselblad frame A15-82-11155, Lunar Module Pilot James Irwin has just made a series of lunar “rake” sweeps at the Station 9a stop on the third and final lunar EVA of Apollo 15. This device gathered rocks that were at least 1 centimeter in size and allowed smaller material including dust to pass through the rake gaps. 3 and 4 - The Apollo 15 landing site from orbit. Two processing test photographs with different exposure levels of the Hasselblad image taken from lunar orbit by Al Worden in the Command Module. The tremendously large Hadley and Apennine Mountains are clearly visible with the unmistakable winding feature known as Hadley Rille. Inverted images. B) 1 - Apollo 16, 11 by 14 inch black and white Hasselblad image AS16-114-18423. Lunar Module Pilot Charles Duke is inspecting lunar material at the edge of Plum Crater during EVA-1. The Lunar Rover can be seen in the back ground. C) Apollo 17 set of five large 11 by 14 inch black and white photographs. 1 - Hasselblad frame 147-22464 showing the Taurus-Littrow landing site. The Lunar Module landed near the circular crater close to the image center. Structural side of the Lunar Module is the dark area on the image right side. 2 - Hasselblad frame A17-136-20695 showing Commander Gene Cernan in the process of removing a lunar core tube. He has to kneel to provide sufficient leverage for removal. Photo taken during EVA-1. 3 - Hasselblad frame A17-138-2118 taken while the Lunar Rover is moving between Station Stops 2 and 3 during EVA-2. Mountains that surround the Taurus-Littrow valley tower in the background. 4 - Hasselblad frame A17-137-20990 taken at Station Stop 4 during EVA-2. A shallow trench was made to collect the just discovered “Orange Soil.” The "gnomon" is seen assisting determination of local vertical. The edge of Shorty Crater is at the upper right-hand corner. 5 - Hasselblad frame A17-146-22293 as Lunar Module Pilot Harrison Schmitt takes photographs using a 500mm long range lens. Performed at Station 6 area of large boulders. Part of the Lunar Rover’s communications antenna and TV camera are at the left. D) 20 by 24 inch photographs. 1 - Apollo 12 panoramic view at Surveyor 3. Captions along the lower border reads in part: "Prepared by Mapping Sciences Laboratory, Science & Applications Directorate, Manned Spacecraft Center, January 1970." Astronauts Conrad and Bean completed a partial Hasselblad pan of the area which has Surveyor 3's TV camera and extendable sample collection arm at the left and center. Small craters are visible at the pan center and to the right with the lunar horizon located along the top. Conrad and Bean also returned parts of this unmanned vehicle to Earth for study. 2 - Lunar Module Pilot Edgar Mitchell near the edge of Cone Crater. Captions along the upper and lower border read in part: "APOLLO 14 PANORAMA - Boulder Field High on Flank of Cone Crater at Point of Maximum Distance from Lunar Module, EVA 2." Astronauts Shepard and Mitchell traveled the longest distance by foot on the lunar surface. The rugged terrain seen in these pans made it difficult to re

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