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Map from 1814 Boundary Survey, David Thompson

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Approx. 12 x 17.5 in. with no formal title, but note lower left: "I hereby certify this to be a true copy as far as it extends of the original map filed by order of the Board of Commission under the 6.C.7 Article of the Treaty of Ghent. David Thompson, Ast. C Survy. to the Board of Commission under the 6.C.7 Art of the Treaty of Ghent." N.d. [ca 1828-1834]. Map depicts the western edge of Lake Superior, the St. Louis River and estuary (today at Duluth). The Treaty of Ghent signed after the War of 1812 required a survey of the border between British Canada and the United States. A Boundary Commission would be appointed to determine the boundary between the two nations, but first they needed accurate geographical information. In 1816 David Thompson (1770-1857) was appointed for the British to the commission (there was also an American surveyor). The Boundary Commission got so gridlocked that the eventual boundary for the most part kept it as it had been before the war. So they fought for two years, spent millions of pounds and dollars, nearly bankrupting the new nation (which was still trying to pay off the Revolutionary War that had brought the new nation into existence), and no one gained any territory. The treaty talks never even got around to addressing the issue of impressment, supposedly one of the triggers for the war. Earlier Thompson had mapped the Canadian West for the North West Company after being in the employ of the Hudson's Bay Company for 13 years. He also had located the headwaters of the Mississippi River and mapped the entire length of the Columbia River, having crossed the Rocky Mountains (and mapped their elevations). He later mapped Upper and Lower Canada, and a region in which a canal was proposed to link Lake Huron and the Ottawa River. His original Boundary Commission maps are in the National Archives, London, but he made a copy of the maps for his own use between 1828-1834. This map is marked "F" and is clearly a small section of the total boundary region. Condition: Very minor toning of edges. Excellent overall condition.

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