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Maps of Cities Plus Engraving of Centennial Expo Building, Lot of 4

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Lot of 4 somewhat rare and unusual printings. Mitchell, S. Augustus. Plan of Philadelphia. Atlas map, 12.5 x 15 in. sheet, full hand color with heavier outline color, Mitchell's later decorative floral border. Shows ferry routes across the Delaware River and railroad lines through the city. Each district in a different color and numbered (1- 21) (District 7 is orange, a bit unusual map color for the time). From Mitchell's New General Atlas, Containing Maps of the Various countries of the World, Plans of Cities, etc.... Philadelphia: S. Augustus Mitchell, Jr., 1860, p. 24. Engraving of Memorial Hall, Philadelphia Centennial Exposition of 1876, engraved by J. McGoffin. 6.5 x 7.5 in. (sight), black-&-white. Currently matted and shrink wrapped on foam core board (approx. 11 x 13). Double sheet atlas map with St. Louis city plan (p. 152) with city limits in yellow and heavier yellow outlining, showing street car lines and direction they run; New Railroad Map of the United States and Dominion of Canada (pp 153-154) with green outlining of states, agricultural vignette below title; and page with three US maps with heading "These maps Show Amount of Products Raised in Proportion to Population and Acres of Improved Land in 1870," with production of wheat, hay and corn indicated in white-to-yellow highlighting and numbering (I - V) (p. 155). All three pages with scrollwork border, stand of flags and eagle at top and "flag shields" in each corner. From Atlas of the State of Illinois to which are added various general maps, history, staticss and illustrations. Chicago: Union Atlas Co., Warner & Beers, 1876. Map of Calumet River Illinois and Indiana. Showing result of dredging done during the fiscal year, ending June 30th 1892. To accompany annual report. 17.75 x 31.5 in. sheet, highlighting in yellow. With soundings showing the depth of the river, plus adjacent marshland, companies along the river, the old river channel. "Calumet Iron and Steel Company's Slip" feeding into the river. Lower right is "Wagon Road to Chittenden Bridge." This area is significant as it is a highly industrialized strip from South Chicago to Gary, Indiana. Maintenance of the water resources has been important for over a century. Many improvements over time have altered the waterway more than these early management attempts. Condition: All very good. Maps with minor edge toning. Engraving not removed from shrink wrap, but appears fine.

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