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Persian-Jewish Carpet – Moses and Aaron, the Binding of Isaac and the Western Wall – “Shiviti” – Persia, 1880s

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Silk carpet with the figures of Moses and Aaron, the Binding of Isaac and the Western Wall. Kashan, Persia (Iran). [1880s]. Dated 1865/1866. The central part of the carpet is designed as a gate with pillars on both its sides. Within the gates are images of Moses and Aaron, the Binding of Isaac, Abraham and Isaac and their servants on the way to the Binding, and the Western Wall. Separating between the different images are bands with inscriptions, verses and liturgical verses in Hebrew, related to the scenes. Under the image of the Western Wall, the Hebrew reads "Kashan 1865/66 Western Wall…". Above the gate is a medallion with the inscription "Yerushalayim Ir HaKodesh" (Jerusalem, City of Holiness). A wide frame on the margins of the carpet is decorated with geometric and vegetal patterns. Such carpets, presenting a series of themes including the Western Wall, were often used as a "Shiviti", hence the inscription on the upper part of the carpet. Many carpets of this kind were woven in Kashan, and often enough the weavers copied the images, including the date on the carpet which was used as a sample. Therefore, the date appearing on the carpet does not definitely serve as evidence for the year of its creation. 133X205 cm. Good condition. Slight wear and unravelling. Suspension straps are sewn to the margin of the carpet, on the . Stain on bottom left corner of the carpet. Literature: Jewish Carpets, by Anton Felton. London: Antique Collectors' Club, 1997. Item no. 2. Provenance: Collection of Anton Felton.

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