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PHOTOGRAPHY - CARTES-DE-VISITE Three good albums of photographic cartes-de-visite, approximately 454 images, almost all sitters identified (some with cut signatures pasted on mounts), loose in window-mounts, approximately 10 cabinet portraits, others standard carte-de-visite size, nineteenth century morocco gilt photo albums, 4to, [1860s-1870s] Fußnoten Three albums of cartes-de-visite, the first of which was compiled by Mary Ann Angerstein (with her monogram "M.A.A." in gilt on upper cover) in the 1860s. She was married to the Liberal politician William Angerstein of "Woodlands" near Blackheath, grandson of John Julius Angerstein (whose collection of Old Master paintings formed the nucleus of the National Gallery of London). Comprising: 1. Angerstein album, approximately 156 images, nearly all captioned in ink or with cut signature of sitter pasted below. Approximately 25 views, including Woodlands House and park (7), and 3 very unusual "documentary" images (by S. Simms, of Greenwich) of South London crowds watching the "Nomination of Mr. Gladstone for Greenwich by William [Angerstein] - Election. Dec. 1868". Approximately 30 Angerstein family images. Queen Victoria (3) and other royals, Duleep Singh (with cut signature), "The late Viceroy of Egypt taken... at Lee [South London]", Palmerston, Richard Cobden and John Bright. 2. Approximately 198 portraits, mostly British figures. Authors: Dickens (4), Trollope, Wilkie Collins, Browning (2), Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Lear, Tennyson (4), Carlyle (3), Agnes Strickland, Bulwer-Lytton (2), Charles Kingsley (2) and Bernard Shaw. Scientists: Darwin, Brunel, Herschel, Faraday, Nightingale and de Lesseps. Explorers: Livingstone (3), Stanley, Speke and James Grant. Artists and musicians: Holman Hunt, Ruskin (3), Leighton, Millais, Verdi, Gounod, Joachim and Strauss. 3. Approximately 100 portraits, mostly foreign figures. America: Sam Houston, W.H. Seward and Charles Sumner (all by Mathew Brady), Winfield Scott, George McClellan, Nathanial Banks, Colonel Ellsworth and others relating to the Civil War, Daniel Webster, Longfellow (3), Whittier (2), the conjoined twins Millie and Christine McKoy, and General Tom Thumb and wife. Reunification of Italy: Garibaldi (6), Cavour, and Mazzini. France: authors, artists and celebrities including Victor Hugo (2), Dumas fils and père, George Sand, Rosa Bonheur (2), Doré (2), Lamartine, Charles Blondin and Leotard. Elsewhere in Europe: statesmen including Bismarck (3) and von Moltke (2).

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