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(Rare Books, Manuscripts, Maps & Photographs - Including the Trevor Dawson Magic Collection, 30th September 2020) Magic and related, including a large collection of Will Goldston and signed limited editions comprising: Catalogues by Hamleys (6, none dated), Catalogue Stanyon & Co, c.1910; Hall, T.H. A Bibliography of Books on Conjuring in English, 1580-1850. Palmyra Press, 1957, no. 8 of only 12 interleaved copies, dw; Bertram, C. Isn’t it Wonderful ? A History of Magic & Mystery. 1899, wrappers bound in; Sharpe, S. Neo Magic in the Art of the Conjuror. 1932; Caulfield, J. Portraits, Memoirs and Characters of Remarkable Persons. [c.1820], 4 volumes, engraved plates, modern cloth; Forster J. The Life of Charles Dickens 1872, 3 vol., half calf, very worn; Goldston, W. Tricks that Mystify, n.d., boards; Goldston, W. More Modern Card Tricks, n.d., boards; Goldston, W. More Tricks and Puzzles, n.d., boards; Goldston, W. The Young Conjuror. Part 1, 2nd edition, boards; Goldston, W. Secrets of Magic. 3rd edition, 1904, ex-library, boards; Goldston, W. Latest Conjuring [c.1907, boards; Goldston, W. Modern Card Tricks, n.d., boards; Goldston, W. Tricks you should Know, n.d., boards; Goldston, W. Paper Tricks, n.d., boards; Goldston, W. Sensational Tales of Mystery Men. 1929, dw repaired; Goldston, W. Simple Conjuring Tricks, 1915, boards, rebacked; Hoffmann, Professor. Drawing Room Conjuring, 3rd edition, n.d.; Hugard, J. Experienced Card Technique, 1940; Ganson, L. The Dai Vernon Book of Magic. N.d., dw; Rae, O. The More you Watch. 1938; Sardina, M. The Magic of Rezuani. San Rafael, 1949, wrappers; Sardina, M. La Magie du Sorcier. Paris, 1946, quarter calf, wrappers bound in; Bern, C. A Whirlwind of Wizardry, 1919, boards repaired; Cannell, J.C. Modern Conjuring, 1949, wrappers bound in; Erdnase, S.W. The Expert at the Card Table. 1944, dw; Rezvani, M.K. Les Coussinets de la Princesse, publ. by Magic Bibliophiles Club, with folder of illustrations, preserved in collector’s calf-backed folding box; Downs, T. The Art of Magic. Chicago, 1921; Culpitt, F. Laughter and Legerdemain. 1928; Jordan, C.T. Six Card Tricks Series, n.d., wrappers; Owen Magic Supreme Catalogue, 1959; Scot, R. The Discoverie of Witchcraft, intro. By M. Summers. John Rodker, 1930, number 345/1275 copies, morocco-backed green buckram, t.e.g.; Stanyon, E. Bibliography of Conjuring. No. 2, 1899, wrappers bound in; Price, H. National Laboratory of Psychical Research. Short title Catalogue, vol. 1 part 2, 1929; Caveney, M. Servais Le Roy. Monarch of Mystery, number 441/1000 copies, dw; Dawes, E. John Henry Anderson. The Great Wizard of the North. 2014, 1/400 copies; Dawes, E. Henry Robin. Expositor of Science and Magic. 1990, number 120/230 copies, wrappers; The Wizard. Illustrated Monthly Journal for Conjurors. 1906-1908, vol. 203; Dexter, W. The Riddle of Chung Ling Soo. 1955, dw; another copy, signed by the author, lacks dw, ex Magic Circle Library, with stamps; Karr, T. The Silence of Chung Ling So. Miracle Factory, 2001, dw; Gill, R. Magic as a Performing Art, 1976, dw; Setterington, A. The Life and Times of the Great Lafayette. 1991, dw; Giobbi, R. Confidences. 2012; McCullagh, B. Chung Ling Soo’s Mechanists. 1988, wrappers bound in; The People’s Book of Card Tricks. C. 1900, wrappers bound in; Stanyon, E. Hand Shadows. [c.1900], wrappers bound in; Burrows, J.F. Tricks in Magic, Illusion and Mental Phenomena; McCullagh. B. Philately. Nos. 1-23 bound in one vol., 2003-05; Cuthbert, T. What has Scotland ever done for Magic ? 2007, wrappers; Davenport Ltd. Catalogue of Antiquarian, Old, New Books and Manuscripts 1982-83; Heyl, E. A Contribution to Conjuring Bibliography 1880-1950. [nd], one of 100 copies, 2 copies; Farelli, V. Magical Bibliography, a Guide. 1953, wrappers bound in; Holmes, D. Some Modern Conjuring, 1909, wrappers bound in, foot of title page cut away; Sterling, M. Problems in Mystery for Practical Magicians. 1909, later cloth; Adams, G. Mr S.W. Erdna

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