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Sefer Birchat Hazevach – Amsterdam, 1669 – Signature of Rabbi David Chaim Korinaldi, Author of Beit David, With His Long Handwritten Glosses

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Sefer Birchat Hazevach, novellae and elucidations on tractates from Seder Kodashim, by R. Aharon Shmuel Koidenover. Amsterdam, [1669]. First edition. Title page illustrated with Biblical scenes. "Sefer Birchat Hazevach, a wondrous work with Torah-true explanations on the Talmud and Tosafot of Seder Kodashim…" Signature on the title page: "The earth and its contents belongs to G-d. I bought this volume, David Chaim Korinaldi". The volume contains approximately ten long, learned glosses in his handwriting, in Italian script. Several of them disagree sharply with the author: "One who carefully studies the words of the Tosafot…will see that the author did not understand their true intent" (Tractate Keritot, 176a); "The author overlooked…" (Tractate Temurah, 14b); "It seems from the words of the author that he overlooked a clearly stated piece of Talmud…" (Tractate Me’ila, 30b). One of the glosses (Tractate Temurah, 3b) refers to a painful episode in the life of R. David which separated him from his library: "…The matter must be further researched…but my books are not currently with me, until G-d sees fit to see my plight…". Rabbi David Chaim Korinaldi – Radak (1700-1770) was an Italian scholar and great Mishnaic commentator, author of "Beit David" on the six orders of the Mishnah. He was the son-in-law of R. Yitzchak ben R. Asher Pacifico of Venice. He served in the rabbinate of various Italian cities, first in Rovigo and from ca. 1747 in Trieste. He was a renowned Torah authority and grammarian, and was erudite in many subjects. He asserted that he studied Torah despite suffering great affliction. Following the printing of his book Beit David, he was embroiled in a severe controversy with R. David Pardo, who refuted his writings many times in his book Shoshanim L'David. The Livorno rabbis established a truce, and as a result R. David Pardo inserted a special apology at the beginning of the second volume of his book Shoshanim L’David. During the course of the dispute there were those who claimed that R. David Korinaldi was not the true author of Beit David, but his close associate R. Yitzchak Lampronti (he quotes R. David's responsa in his book Pachad Yitzchak) wrote a letter of conciliation: "Do not pay attention to all the things said by your adversaries, for this is the method of faultfinders who criticize the author when they cannot find fault with the composition, and this is the case with your excellent book Beit David…I swear that I never imagined that it was written by anyone else". Sefer Birchat Hazevach is a basic text for the study of Tractate Kodashim. The Chida in "Shem Hagedolim" describes it as "an extremely important text, in which the author clearly and concisely explains the subjects with his extraordinary novellae and glosses." [2], 64, 64-131, 133-180; 35, [1] leaves. 17.5 cm. Poor condition. Extreme worming damage to the text, with many tears and holes. Stains. Several pages are darkened and stained. Old binding with worn leather spine.

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