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Sixty-nine miniature books from REM Miniatures

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Title: Sixty-nine miniature books from REM Miniatures Author: Place: New Britain, CT Publisher: Robert E. Massmann Date: 1962-2006 Description: Large collection of 69 fine miniature books from the press of Robert E. Massmann. No duplicates. All titles by Robert Massmann except where noted. Includes: Klingberg, Haddon. Elihu Burritt, As Much a Brother. (First book of the press). 1962. Bauer, Herman. How the Art of Printing Was Invented. 1964. Christmas Scroll, In Memory of Paul W. Kieser. (Tear at end.) 1964. Field, Eugene. Dibdin's Ghost. 1966. A Costly Binge (TOYS Vol. 1). 1966. Ankenbrand, Frank. Shower of Haiku. 1967. Ankenbrand, Frank. Scroll of Birthday Haiku. 1967. Blasphemous Old Prospector. (TOYS Vol. 2). 1967. Win, Place, and Show. 1967. Injun Reasoning. (TOYS Vol. 3). 1967. Col. Crockett in the Parlor. (TOYS Vol. 4). 1967. Dawson, Ernest. A Visit with Dr. R. 1968. Chronological Checklist of REM Miniatures. 1969. Massmann, Richard. Man Explores the Moon. 1969. New Girl in Town. 1970. Hunter, Dard. Dard Hunter of Papyrus. 1971. Alpha and Omega. 1971. Twain, Mark. A Mark Twain Turnover. 1972. Sherman, Helene. Tales of the Wayside Inn in Pen Drawings. 1975. [In case with] Sherman, Helene. Historic Boston, Lexington, and Concord in Pen Drawings. 1975. Pratt, Mildred. Music of Oberon. 1975. Bibliography of REM Miniatures. 1978. REM Ego Extra. 1978. Consumer Rationing in World War Two. 1979. Bibliomidgets of Achille J. St. Onge. 1979. A Metamorphose. (with prospectus). 1980. A Boston Cordial. 1981. Benny's Got the Dominoes. 1981. Bibliography of REM Miniatures, First Supplement. 1982. Ere e Eme. 1983. The Worm Turns. 1983. Lilliputia Produced by Robert Massmann. 1983. Checklist of Dard Hunter Books. 1984. Burgess, Thornton. The Million Little Breezes. 1984. Booboos and Typos. 1985. Warner, Charles Dudley. A Hunting of the Deer. 1985. The Saga of Lizzie Dunbar. 1986. Letter from Irene. 1986. Bibliography of REM Miniatures. Second Supplement. 1987. Morgan, Edward P. Books. 1987. Wheeler, Hannah. My Parents' Grave. 1988. Do You Have a Match? 1988. Ye Olde Librarian's Curse. 1989. Max und Moritz. 1990. Collector's Clean Sweep. 1991. Twain, Mark. War Prayer. 1991. Conclave Keepsakes. 1993. Bibliography of REM Miniatures. Third Supplement. 1994. From the Depths of the Sea to the Bluebird of Happiness. In box with fossil. 1995. Weber, Francis J. Franciscan Missions of Fr. Zephyrin Engelhardt. 1996. 18,250 Days. 1996. Massmann, Priscilla. Planting the Lincoln Highway. 1997. Weber, Francis J. Dogs at the California Missions. 1997. Keepsake of Eloise and Bob Massmann for MBS Conclave XV. 1997. Malefic Exotica. 1998. Exquisitry of William Lewis Washburn. 1999. Bibliography of REM Miniatures. Fourth Supplement. 1999. 1901-1999: The Century with Only 99 Years. 2000. Not in Adomeit. 2001. More Not in Adomeit. 2002. Water. 2003. Bibliography of REM Miniatures. Fifth Supplement. 2005. Michigan and Me. 2006. Also a few not listed in Bradbury Burr, Karen. Symmography. No date. Fun with Tortes. No date. Halley's Moon Rock. 1986. Miniature Book Society. Conclave Seven. Cincinnati. 1989. MBS 8. Glasgow. 1990. 36 Years and Counting. 1998. Together 69 volumes, no duplicates. Lot Amendments Condition: A few with minor wear; overall fine. Item number: 276547

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