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Auction: Auction 8 - Books Manuscripts & Rabbinical Letters
was auctioned on: 2 February 2010
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Two books from the Library of the Palagi Family – Signatures and Comments

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Two books from the library of the Ga'on Rabbi Avraham Palagi. 1. Arba'ah Ve-essrim, part III, Nevi'im Achronim, with commentary Chomat Anach by the Chida. Pisa, 1803. A few signatures by the Ga'on Rabbi Chaim Palagi. Many comments appear in two kinds of handwritings; some in his tiny handwriting. On page 82, a signed comment by "Ha-Chabif". (The other comments in a larger handwriting are possibly by Rabbi Chabif, when he was younger, in one of them the book "Eretz Yehudah by Rabbi Yehuda Tanugi" is mentioned – Rabbi Yehudah Tanugi died in Safed in 1835 and if so, it was written before 1835). 2. Vehochiach Avraham, Part I. Pirkei Mussar in Ladino, Rabbi Avraham Palagi, with Haskamah by his father Rabbi Chaim. Salonika, 1853. First Edition. Various signatures and stamps by the author Rabbi Avraham Palagi and his family members. The Ga'on Rabbi Chaim Palagi, [Chabi'f] Rabbi of Izmir (1788-1868). Famous Ga'on in his generation. Wrote ninety-five books [!] on Halacha, novellae and Mussar. His son, the Ga'on Rabbi Avraham Palagi (1810-1899) replaced him as Rabbi of Izmir, and also published twenty books on Halacha, Drosh and Mussar, apart from the books of his father and his brother, in whose printing he was involved – see about them in the book "Rabbi Chaim Palagi and his Books", Yishai Chasida, Jerusalem 1968. Various sizes and conditions, good-fair condition, cardboard bindings with leather spine and corners, worn.

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Auction house: Kedem Auction House Ltd.
Title: Auction 8 - Books Manuscripts & Rabbinical Letters
Date of the auction: 2 Feb 2010
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