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Wedgwood Fairyland Ware Catalogue: 'Some Glimpses of Fairyland Designed by M.Makeig-Jones, Josiah Wedgwood and Sons Ltd 1921'

Estimate: £0
Price realised:  £360
ca. US$589
Lot number 243, Views: 26

A description of Fairyland Lustre with numerous black and white woodcut illustrations by Makeig-Jones, followed by descriptions of 2312, (Shape vase 14")/Peach Melba Centre, (Z4968)/Vase 2409 (14"-Z4968)/, Vase 2308 -(Small Size Z4968)/, Vase 2158 (18", Z5257)/, Vase 2308, (Middle Size, Z5257)/, Vase 2351 (9"), and Vase 3148, (10", Z5157)/, Vase 2413 (24", Z4968), Octogan Bowl, (12", Z5125)/, Plaque 10" x 4½"/Firbolg Punch Bowl (9", Z5275)/, and with corresponding colour illustrations, Z4968, ginger jar/Z4968 pedestal bowl, Z4968 roleau vase, Z4968 ginger jar/Z5257 cylinder vase/Z5257 ginger jar/Z5157 pinched base vase/Z5157 ditto/Z4968 flared neck vase/Z5125 octagonal bowl/Z5279 plaque/Z5275 bowl, followed by list of articles and silhouette shapes decorated in various Z numbers, 48pp, card wraps with loss and slight burn marks to top right of front cover, printed by Warwick Savage...Burslem, 21.8cm x 12.5cm.

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Bonhams London
Title: Decorative Arts including Jewellery, Gordon Russell and Cotswold School Furniture
Date of the auction: 2 Jun 2009
Address: Bonhams London
Knowle The Old House Station Road Knowle Solihull B93 0HT Tel: +44 1564 776 151 Fax : +44 1564 778 069 [email protected]

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