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Better information enables you to make smarter decisions for your collection

For a long time, pricing data for fine art was reserved for professionals. Companies offered their insight at steep price points only professionals can afford. We believe that every collector – small or large – should profit from good art market information. At LotSearch you can access a limited number of art price analysis for free and without registration. We offer inexpensive subscriptions to all power users with unlimited access to our art pricing analyses. You can test all of our premium features with our 7-Day free trial access.

Use cases for our art price analysis:

Our data on past auction results and the price development over time enable you to make better decisions for you planned art investment.
The art market is not very transparent. Every Object is a one of a kind. However: Prices that were realized for similar paintings or sculptures in the past are a good indication for the resale value of an object.
Gain an overview of the market for works from a specific artist. You can use our archive search to find similar works of art that have been sold in the past. Each sold lot contains the information of the auction house that sold this piece. This is a good starting point to find the right partner for your sale.
Don’t rely on art price data alone! Our analysis also shows you the number of objects sold per year and the geographical distribution. This information can be used to approximate the market capitalization and liquidity. This data contains crucial information about how difficult or easy it might be to find a new owner for your object.

What we analyse:

Our archive contains over 43.8 million sold lots. The analysis pages contain the combined pricing information from objects that contain the artists’ name in their description. Our extensive dashboard also contains information about the pricing distribution or the geographical location of the auction. You can use this information to find an auction house specialized in artworks from the artist you are looking for.

Auktionslose eines Künstlers

Lots by artist

The Lot overview shows you the number of artworks from a specific artist sold at upcoming auctions. The archive overview is a preview of the pieces of art in our archive. You can access all the lots individually from here.



The Indices reflect the pricing of art and the liquidity of the market. The Lax (LotSearch Art index) reflects the price development.

Kartenvisualisierung von Verkäufen zu Auktionslosen eines Künstlers.

Geographical distributions for sold artworks

The average price and the number of sold lots are visualized on our maps. These are good indicators to examine the market for the specific artist more closely. This analysis shows you the best geographical market segment to sell or buy works of art from this artist.

Intervallbetrachtung Tortendiagramm

Price intervals and pie chart

Every piece of art is one of a kind. And every collector is as well. That is the reason why we include all lots in our analysis that contain the artists’ name. While one collector might only be interested in large format original paintings the other might be looking for a signed exhibition poster.

We are currently working on advanced filtering features and AI classification that will enable a customized analysis in the future.

The pricing distribution contains valuable information about the market structure. If you want to gain insights into the value of a specific piece of art we advise you to use our archive search to find a very similar piece sold in the past.


Is the trial access really free?

Yes! You do not need any credit card information for the registration. You can use all premium features 7 Days for free. After that, you can either upgrade your account or continue to use our free features. You can for example still use our alert feature and get notified if an artwork you are looking for appears in an auction catalogue.

How to valuate a piece of art?

The LotSearch art analysis gives you a broad overview of the market for works from a specific artist. You can find similar artworks with our archive search. Each sold piece of art is listed with the information of the corresponding auction house. Hence you can find out which auction houses have the best expertise for the artwork you want valuation information for and can contact the right experts.

Why is auction data so important?

Many pieces of art are not sold at auction but directly from the artist, by galleries, art trades and from private collections. These prices are however tough to obtain and do not necessarily reflect the prices paid in the market. The auction market is more transparent and auction data contains essential indicators for the valuation of artwork. Therefore auction price data is an important indicator to determine the potential value of an artwork.

I am looking for an artwork of a specific artist. How can LotSearch help me with the purchase?

If you want to invest in a new piece of art LotSearch can help you in different ways. Our art price analysis gives you market insights. You can use our Live Search to find artworks that are listed catalogues of upcoming auctions of over 800 auction houses. Hence you don’t need to read through hundreds of auction catalogues individually to find what you are looking for. If you do not find an interesting piece, you use our free alert service. Just enter the name of the artists and we contact you via Email as soon as an Object that contains the name in the description appears in an auction catalogue.