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Auction: Sale 320: Fine Books & Manuscripts
was auctioned on: 3 November 2005
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Large archive pertaining to the Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar, containing photographs, photograph albums, various paper items, letters, telegrams, speeches, documents, etc.

Estimate: US$9,000 - US$12,000
Price realised:  n. a.
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Title: Large archive pertaining to the Maharaja Yeshwant Rao Holkar, containing photographs, photograph albums, various paper items, letters, telegrams, speeches, documents, etc. Author: Maharajadhiraj, Raj Rajeshwar Yeshwant Rao Holkar (the second) Bahadur G.C.I.E., L.L.D. Place: Publisher: Date: [1900-1940's] Description: Archive includes many miscellaneous and important ephemera items and personal effects from the Maharajadhiraj Yeshwant Rao Holkar, comprising: A group of approximately 30 paper items, including: the Maharajah’s International Driving Permit issued in London, 1938 with his portrait affixed; printed time table of the Maharajah’s special train trip in 1937; 12 telegrams (mostly via Western Union and RCA); French passport (1936-9) with his portrait affixed; 1940 ticket stubs from a ride on the Pennsylvania Railroad Co. (from New York to Los Angeles); Passenger Ticket stub from Tasman Empire Airways (1941); typed letter signed by “Dorothy B.”; 1942 typed letter signed by George W. White of Thos. Cook & Son-Wagons-Lits Inc., to Mrs. Holkar; 1938 two-page typed letter signed to the Maharajah by L.L. Whyte, director at O.T. Falk & Co.; copy contract of banking information of Mrs. Holkar; 1938 official printed and signed document from the French government; 4 different official signed copies of typed 1939 medical certificates regarding the death of “Her Highness the Maharanee of Indore” each signed by the examining medical doctor (three are 2-pages and one 4-pages); plus more. * 52-page pamphlet of typed and printed sources (on recto side only) containing speeches of the Maharajah; a group of 15 or more related newspaper clippings. * Six large (oblong 4to) photograph albums, containing approximately 507 total photographs of various sizes, tipped-in corner mounts or mounted on leaves, mostly showing the Maharaja (hunting, big game kills, at his study, reading, writing, etc.), plus other outdoor scenes, socializing parties, Royalty and other group shots, portraits, etc. One hand-titled on the front cover “Souvenir Garden Party, Woodstock [England], 24th May, 1915” with 69 photographs mostly taken by Willie Burke (with his name lettered in the negative), showing many Indian Royals and dignified people socializing with several English people of high society, in large estate area on rolling grassy hills, tents, foxing hunting scenes, group shots (large and small), an Indian ceremony, a sheep race, a woman golfing (many are panoramic views). Another contains 234, mostly hunting scenes of game killed by the Maharaja. * And, approximately 181 loose photographs of Yeshwant Rao Holkar, his family, and close associates, etc., (some signed by the photographer and/or are mounted on studio card backing or inside photographer’s folder), in various sizes (2x3" to 10½x13½"), showing various hunting scenes, portraits, group shots, travel snap shots, etc.; plus 3 large portrait negatives. Photographers include: Campbell Watkins, Lafayette, Vennemann, Lallie Charles, Matzene, Rita Martin, Herzog & Higgins, Lansing Brown, Speaight Limited Co (Miniature Painters and Child Photographers to the Royal Family) and others. An incredible and extensive archive of important documents, speeches, letters, passports, telegrams, photographs and photograph albums all relating to the Maharajadhiraj Yeshwant Rao Holkar (1908-1961) who ruled from 1926 to 1947 (the 14th ruler of the Holkar dynasty and final ruling royal family member of India). He was one of the richest men of his time (1920-1930’s), whose total assets reached $70 million, family jewelry collection estimated at $20 million, palace at $3 million, and housing 200 servants. The Holkars were a prominent Maratha family, who ruled as rajas and later maharajas of Indore in central India as part of the Maratha Confederacy until 1818, and afterwards as a princely state of British India until India's independence in 1947, when the Holkars acceded to the Indian government. Yeshw

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Title: Sale 320: Fine Books & Manuscripts
Date of the auction: 3 Nov 2005
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