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Russian Poetry Anthology – Dedication by the Jewish Poet David Knut

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Якорь Антология Зарубежной Поэзии [Anchor. Poetry Anthology], edited by G.B. Admovich (Г. Б. Адамовичь) and M. L. Kantor (М. Л. Кантор). Berlin: "Petropolis", 1936. Anthology of poetry which includes works by Russian poets, amongst them: Ivan Bunin, Konstantin Belmont, Vladislav Khodasevich and many others. A short dedication appears at the opening of the book, handwritten by the Jewish-Russian poet David Knut (Meerovich). Knut (1900-1955) was born in the city of Orgeev in Bessarabia (present day Orchei, Moldova). When Bessarabia was annexed to Romania his family immigrated to Paris, where Knut was involved with writing and editing as well as with activity for the Jewish community. In the early 1940s Knut was one of the founders of the Armee Juive (the Jewish army), a Jewish-Zionist resistance movement in France. The goal of this movement was to fight the Nazis and establish a Jewish state in Palestine. Made Aliya to Eretz Israel with his wife in 1949. X, [6], 242 pp, 18.5 cm. Good condition. Stains.

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