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Auction: Auction 13.06.2000
was auctioned on: 13 June 2000
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Estimate: US$2,200 - US$2,800
Price realised:  US$1,762
Lot number 524, Views: 44

TWENTY-SEVEN NEAR EASTERN STAMP SEALS AND AMULETS circa early 1st millennium b.c. Including two Phoenician dark steatite scaraboids; eight Syrian serpentine and steatite scaraboids, four steatite and serpentine hemispheroids; a green feldspar hemispheroid; a steatite gable, and a red serpentine gable; a serpentine and a haematite pyramidal seal; a serpentine and a steatite loop-handled seal; a quartzite conical seal; a serpentine stalk seal; a serpentine disk-shaped pendant; a serpentine cylinder stamp seal; a serpentine reel-shaped, loop-handled seal; and a white steatite stamp seal in the form of a crouching lion, engraved with various animals, standing figures and schematic devices 16 in. (3 cm) long for the largest (27)

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Christie's
Title: Auction 13.06.2000
Date of the auction: 13 Jun 2000
Address: Christie's
New York, Rockefeller Center