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AN EXTRAORDINARY GROUP OF SEVEN JADE IMPERIAL ARCHER’S RINGS WITH ITS ORIGINAL FITTED CINNABAR BOX AND COVER MARK AND PERIOD OF QIANLONG THIS IS A PREMIUM LOT. CLIENTS WHO WISH TO BID ON PREMIUM LOTS ARE REQUESTED TO COMPLETE THE PREMIUM LOT PRE-REGISTRATION 3 WORKING DAYS PRIOR TO THE SALE. The lacquer box: superbly carved and incised in exceptionally deep layers of varying relief through the rich red cinnabar, the top surface with three leaping carp representing the rebus ruyu deshui signifying joy and delight, their scales, lateral and dorsal fins all finely incised in meticulous detail, the fish captured in varying vivid poses swimming amid cherry blossoms floating upon turbulent crested waves, the sides similarly decorated with cherry blossoms and crested waves, the black lacquer interior of the box incised and gilt with a five-column inscription written in kaishu, ending with Qianlong dingchou yuti (corresponding to 1757), the cover with another five-column inscription ending with Qianlong jimao yuti (corresponding to 1759), the base incised with the four-character mark 12 cm., 4 ¾ in. The zitan liner: comprising two parts, the tray masterfully carved from a single trunk of zitan with straight sides and an everted rim, fitted with six zitan pegs, inscribed to the base in gilt with a seven-column inscription ending with Qianlong xinsi yuti (corresponding to 1761), the cover delicately carved as a flat disc, inscribed to both sides in gilt with an inscription ending with Qianlong yuti The rings: each varying only slightly in size, with one rounded and one chamfered edge diameter 3 cm., 1 1/8 in. height 2.2 cm., 7/8 in.

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Sotheby's
Title: By Heavenly Mandate: Important Historical Works of Art of the Qianlong Reign
Date of the auction: 8 Apr 2007
Address: Sotheby's
Hong Kong