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Religion & Spirituality

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(Books & Works on Paper including Autographs & Memorabilia, 31st March 2020) Sammelband.- Religion & Spirituality Sammelband.- Religion & Spirituality 15 works together, comprising Udall (Ephraim) Noli me tangere, or a Thing to be Thought on, extra engraved frontispiece by William Marshall (chipped and detaching), lacking woodcut title, and final blank, [ESTC R232323], n.p., W. Cowley? [1642] [bound with] Barber (Edward) A Small Treatise of Baptisme, or Dipping…, B3 misprinted, lacking final blank f., Wing (2nd ed., 1994), B694; Thomason, E.143[17], n.d., 1641 [i. e. 1642]; [with] Burton (Henry) The protestation protested: or, a short remonstrance, shewing what is principally required of all those that have or doe take the last Parliamentary protestation, imprint in Roman type, [ESTC R22769; Wing B6171], 1641; [with] Bourne (Benjamin) Divinity and Philosophy Dissected, and Set Forth, by a Mad Man, woodcut historiated initial, lacking final blank f., small teat to B2, [attributed to Robert Wilkinson in ‘Richard Baxter. Plain scripture proof’, London, 1651, p.147; Wing (2nd ed.), D1737; Thomason, E.53[15], 1644; [with] Williams (Roger) Queries of highest consideration, proposed to Mr. Tho. Goodwin Mr. Phillip Nye Mr. Wil. Bridges Mr. Jer. Burroughs Mr. Sidr. Simpson…, lacking final blank, [Sabin, 104343], 1644; [with] A directory for the publique vvorship of God, throughout the three kingdoms of England, Scotland, and Ireland…, A3-4 just shaved at foot and right margin with loss of signature and the odd letter, Lacking one leaf of preliminaries (order to print), [ESTC R229805], printed for Evan Tyler, et al., 1644 [i. e. 1645]; [with] Overton (Richard) The araignement of Mr. Persecution…, lacking all preliminaries leaves but title, gathering A and final blank, leaves shaved at head or foot with loss of signatures, [Wing O620], printed by Martin Clawe-Clergie [i.e. Richard Overton], 1645; [with] Blake (Thomas) A moderate ansvver to these two questions…, E1 shaved at head with loss of running title and half line of text, [Wing (2nd ed., 1994), B3148; Thomason, E.19(6)], printed by I.N. for Abel Roper, 1645; [with] Maxwell (John) The Burtheon of Issachar or, The Tyrannicall Power and Practices of the Presbyteriall Government in Scotland…, title and a few other leaves shaved at head, 1646; [with] Swadlin (Thomas) A Letter of an Independent, to his Honoured Friend in London, Thomason, E.393[16], n.p., [1647]; [with] Dell (William) Right reformation: or, The reformation of the church of the New Testament, represented in Gospell-light…, 2 parts in one, including "A reply to Mr. Love’s contradictions", issue with "All published for the good of the faithfull," in the title, lacking gathering final blank, tear to G1, [ESTC R201227], printed by R. White, for Giles Calvert, 1646; [with] Wilbee (Amon) Plaine truth without feare or flattery: or A true discovery of the unlawfulnesse of the Presbyterian government…, lacking final blank, [Wing L2156], Printed and published for the information, advice, and benefit of the poore, oppressed, betrayed, and almost destroyed Commons of England, 1647; [with] Richardson (Samuel) Fifty questions propounded to the Assembly, to answer by the Scriptures, [Wing (2nd ed.), R1407; Thomason, E.388(11)], n.p., 1647; [with] Idem, The necessity of toleration in matters of religion…, lacking final blank, [Thomason, E.407(18-19), n.p., 1647; [with] Reasons of the present judgement of the University of Oxford…, issue with "Vniversity of Oxford, / concerning" and "and / presented to consideration." in title, woodcut device on title, lacking f1-2 (including errata), last 4 leaves torn at gutter, [ESTC R18621; Wing S624; Madan, II, 1926], 1647; a few titles dusty, some browning and staining throughout, later half calf, over marbled paper boards, later endpapers, a.e.r., worn, 4to. ***Udall was relieved of his pastoral duties and prosecuted by the Long Parliament for this denunciation of parliamentary plans to abolish ti

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