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Auction: Auction 13.12.2005
was auctioned on: 13 December 2005
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An important collection of toy animals comprising two teddy bears, an elephant and a tiger belonging to Clifford K. Berryman (1869-1949) and/or his daughter Florence (1900-1992)

Estimate: £10,000 - £15,000
ca. US$17,456 - US$26,184
Price realised:  £14,400
ca. US$25,136
Lot number 106, Views: 184

An important collection of toy animals comprising two teddy bears, an elephant and a tiger belonging to Clifford K. Berryman (1869-1949) and/or his daughter Florence (1900-1992) 'Bevo', a very rare American teddy bear, possibly a model of the Berryman bear from the cartoon, of luxurious silver tipped dark brown mohair with an inset shorter mohair face mask, deep and close set black boot button eyes, pronounced muzzle, black stitched nose, mouth and claws, cupped ears, triangular shaped head, swivel neck, jointed limbs with felt pads, card lined feet, hump, in-operative growler and original red, white and blue ribbon, possibly by the Ideal Toy Company, circa 1908 --23in. (58.5cm.) high (slight moth nibbles to pads) ; a Steiff teddy bear with white mohair, black boot button eyes, pronounced muzzle, brown stitched nose, mouth and claws, swivel head, jointed elongated limbs with felt pads, hump, FF button in ear with complete white tag '5325' behind ear and red, white and blue ribbon, circa 1907 --13¼in. (34cm.) high (almost completely bald, probably from damp and slight moth nibbles to pads) ; an early Steiff 35PB grey burlap elephant with black boot button eyes, white felt tusks, swivel neck with disc joints and rod-jointed legs, circa 1904 --14in. (35.5cm.) from head to tail (general wear to burlap) ; a rare and unusual 'Woody Tiger' of printed orange, white and black velvet, standing on all-fours, clear and black glass eyes, American oil cloth collar and 'WOODY TIGER - trade mark' label on collar --15in. (38cm.) long (missing pink felt feet pads) ; and a collection of related material comprising a rare postcard sent from Clifford (pretending to be Bevo) to Florence, the front a coloured photograph of Lawncrest Inn - The Lawn. Sharon. Mass. with an original ink drawing of Bevo (Berryman's bear) with the words 'Gee, I wish Florence was here!' and 'Sholes' Cottage Sharon' in the same hand, the reverse addressed to 'Miss Florence S. Berryman 1754 Euclid St. NW, Washington D.C.' and a message 'Dearest Floss. Mother was the happiest little person in Sharon this morning all because you invested a 2 cent stamp on her. Never did a government investment pay such dividends in the history of this great Republic. Do it some more! AND DO IT NOW! Sincerely Yours B.V.D. (Bevo) July 31. 1919' ; a printed card featuring Bevo climbing out of a bucket with a note written to Florence and James from Clifford 'Will James and Florence come to see Bluke and his tree on Merry Christmas afternoon at four-thirty?' with a 1908 American National Red Cross Christmas stamp (Bluke was probably another nickname given to Bevo); a Fruit Cake box sent to Miss Florence Berryman, 2114 Bancroft Place, N.W., Washington, D.C. containing fifty-six cards and fifteen tally cards printed with an image of Bevo, a letter to Mrs. Clifford Berryman from her friend Fanny B. Sholes (see earlier postcard) thanking her for some of the Berryman bear tally cards; a letter to Clifford from a D.J. Foster M.C. on House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs head paper and envelope; a letter sent to Clifford K. Berryman concerning the cost of travel from Washington to Niagara with envelope; a letter to 'Mr. Berryman, Cartoonist, The Post' from Dr Eugene Murray-Aaron about an agricultural idea; a hand-painted Christmas Poinsettia place card for Mr. Berryman for 1907; a photographic reproduction of 'Drawing the Line in Mississippi', the original cartoon drawn by Berryman in 1902 and other items

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Christie's
Title: Auction 13.12.2005
Date of the auction: 13 Dec 2005
Address: Christie's
London, South Kensington