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Auction: The Space History Sale
was auctioned on: 8 April 2014
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Estimate: US$0
Price realised:  US$5,000
Lot number 39, Views: 27

LUNAR MODULE PRIMARY LANDING STRUT, THE LARGEST PIECE OF THE LANDING GEAR ASSEMBLY. Made from aluminum alloy, with titanium fittings and fasteners. 8½ feet tall, 7 inches in diameter. Part numbers: "LTM320M50505-1 and LTM320M50506-1". Complete with both telescoping sections. Provenance: Property of an institution. The largest piece of the landing gear assembly. The landing gear assemblies of the Lunar Module extend from the front and rear of both sides of the descent stage. They consist of struts, trusses, a footpad, as well as a locking and deployment mechanism. The left, right, and aft footpads have a lunar surface sensing probe. The landing gear not only buffers the impact of the lunar landing, but also prevents the vehicle from tipping over, and supports it during lunar stay and lunar launch. The lunar surface landing probes are stowed against the primary strut until the landing gear is deployed.

Informations about the auction
Auction house: Bonhams London
Title: The Space History Sale
Date of the auction: 8 Apr 2014
Address: Bonhams London
New York 580 Madison Avenue New York NY 10022 Tel: +1 212 644 9001 Fax : +1 212 644 9009 [email protected]