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Large Collection of Letters

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Large collection of letters (approximately 40 letters), compiled from various sources. * Letters by various rabbis (for a list, see Hebrew description). * Letters sent to R. Yissachar Dov Goldstein of Jerusalem. * Interesting (unsigned) letter written to Rebbe Yoel of Satmar, regarding his book VaYoel Moshe. * Correspondence between Romanian rabbis, ca. 1958-1960. * Collection of invitations from the Spinka Rebbes' families, sent to their uncle the Hosakov Rebbe, with handwritten letters on the invitations. * Many more letters. Approx. 41 items. Size and condition vary.

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Auction house: Kedem Auction House Ltd.
Title: Auction 59 - Judaica - Books, Manuscripts, Rabbinical Letters, Ceremonial Art
Date of the auction: 13 Feb 2018
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