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Letter by Rabbi Moshe Berger, Av Beit Din of Bucharest

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Handwritten and signed letter by Rabbi Moshe Berger, Av Beit Din of Bucharest, 1924. Sent to the members of his rabbinical court: “to my beloved friends, the great rabbis…”. Rabbi Moshe Berger (1874-1942, Otzar Ha-Rabbanim 14500), Torah genius and Chassid, descendant of Admors and Rabbis. Moreh Tzedek of Stanislav and Cracow and Av Beit Din of Bucharest from 1919. Published his elders’ books with his own additions: the “Bar Leva’i – Second Edition” responsum (Mukachevo 1909) “Torat Ha-Ramal” (Sighet 1903), “Ahavat Shalom, Second Edition” by Rabbi Mendel of Kosov (Sighet 1907). 21 cm. Good condition.

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